About us

Metaplas Srl is the company of Gruppo Luci established in 2016 with headquarters in Metaponto (in the Matera province). The company deals with the collection and storage of different materials, such as wood, paper and cardboard, glass, all kind of plastics, and waste from agricultural pruning activities.  

Etymologically, the company name and that of the town where it is located (Metaponto) reflect its mission: “meta”, i.e. destination, recalls the original wording Greek for metamorphosis that means transformation and rebirth. In fact, recovering non-dangerous waste is an activity having recycling as a purpose

From a practical point of view, the work cycle starts with temporary storage, to continue with the packing of material into bundles, which ensures volume education. The cycle ends with the collection of whatever material left, to treat it as non-dangerous and reusable waste.