Among the types of recycling materials, Metaplas deals with different kind of waste, such as wood, paper and cardboard, glass, plastics of all kinds, and waste deriving mostly from agricultural pruning activities. 

Thanks to synergies between other group companies, Metaplas operates using authorized movable plants and high technology equipment, in order to meet the needs of the customer and to perform services on-site and at the customer's premises.



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Waste Management


Collection, transport, transfer and disposal of non-dangerous and dangerous waste, both solid and liquid, in particular:

  • plastics (hoses,mulch, eyelet sheet, mixed packaging)
  • biodegradable waste for compost and biomass production
  • paper and cardboard
  • various types of packaging
  • wood and cork waste
  • inert material
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • glass  

Sewage canal cleaning


The pipes often tends to get clogged due to the presence of objects and materials. This do not allow the fluids passage and above all because of structural problems due to a wrong channelling and facilities design.

Our experience, the standard equipment of our vehicles, combined with the use of specific probes on sites, allow Metaplas operators to obtain excellent results in a short time, restoring an optimal situation.Metaplas provides for the cleaning of sewer and water networks, canals and biological pits. 

Operators work efficiently in all stages: after a first inspection of the duct, the sewage is carried out and the slurry is then sucked.



Through this method Metaplas provides covered or uncovered tipping bodies with rear opening for waste and ecology equipment collection and transport.They are suitable for recoverable waste as mixed packaging and other non-dangerous special waste. Tipping bodies are available in various sizes that can be adapted to the most varied requirements, fit for waste that must be particularly protected from atmospheric agents.

Waste brokerage


Waste management is one of the fundamental and complex aspects for the correct management of a production cycle. It is an important topic for the good management of any production activity, even of services. 

Metaplas is the ideal partner as a waste intermediary: it is a fitting figure whose function is to ensure the manufacturer to find the proper collocation of waste, according to current legislation.Then the manufacturer entrusts the management of waste disposal to an intermediary who will take care of its collection and completion of all disposal practices and procedures required by the current legislation. Then he identifies all the appropriate downstream facilities specifically for the disposal and physical possession of the waste. It is always the intermediary that will take care of the certification of the correct disposal procedure.